Have You Got The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff

 Are you satisfied with living the way you do?  If you are we cannot help you.

Do you want us to fix your spouse? We can if the spouse calls us and asks for our services. 

Do you believe that drugs and/or therapy can recover a Disposophobic. Neither work in the best interest of the Disposophobic or their victims.

Do you want to be in total charge of your recovery?  If so, it is likely that your methods will fail miserably and you will remain in the same situation until you want to learn how to think  differently. We can teach you how.

Do you think that inanimate objects can bring you happiness or joy?  We know not. Only thinking the right thoughts can or will bring you happiness.

Are you a victimi or a friend of a chronic Disposophobic and want to help them?  You are amongst millions.

Do you think that your efforts to fix a Disposophoibic will work?  We don't think so. If you are suffering more thant the Disposophobic, then your pain is a serious reason to stop your efforts to change a Disposophbic. You can't fix a Disposophobic any more than you can fix a chronic drunk, gambler, drug addict etc. When they wake up and decide to seek outside help we are the best answer anywhere. Our 30 year track record says it all.

Why do people collect and store things? First and foremost is because of the way they think. The short answer is fear or greed. Disposophobia centers around those two basic emotions. They want to get a benefit or avoid a loss. When they think stuff is great to have, stuff is great to have.

People who suffer from maladies such as depression or obsessive compulsive disorders often end up buying things, bringing them home and dropping them. Rather than looking for what they own, they simply go out and buy more and do the same thing.....over and over and over again. We call this behavior.... Shop n Drop.

Recovery could be just days away...call 1-800-THE PLAN to schedule an appraisal.

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