Clutter Masters TM is a wholly owned subsidiary of DISASTER MASTERS (R) Inc. Disaster Masters is a privately held New York corporation established in 1980.

The term DISASTER MASTER was invented in early 1978 by Ron Alford the founder and CEO of Disaster Masters to describe the scope and kind of services provided by our Firm. Disaster Masters is an outgrowth of SERVICE KING.

Many other business owners like the name Disaster Masters so well that one of our biggest problem is policing North America for Trademark infringers and putting them out of business. Disaster Masters has no franchises anywhere North America who can use this name legally.  if you see or hear of a company not in NY they are infringing on our trademark and you should not do business with them.

 The Registered Trademark, DISASTER MASTERS has often been borrowed, copied and hijacked to identify other similar businesses around the USA and Canada due to its unique and memorable name.

Federally Registered Trademark has been in business at the same address since 1980


The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff..



People who suffer from maladies such as depression or obsessive compulsive disorders often end up buying things, bringing them home and dropping them. Rather than looking for what they own, they simply go out and buy more and do the same thing.....over and over and over again. We call this behavior.... Shop n Drop.


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