If you live more than 125 miles from New York City:


How Do You Get Started

For folks outside of our 120 mile radius of NYC can engage our services starting today.

Depending on your unique situation and your location will determine if you need tele-coaching and support services by Clutter Masters™ or on-site management by Clutter Masters™.

If your clutter situation is less than 5 on our clutter scale, we may be able to coach you. If your situation ranks 6 or above, then no book, tape, seminar or even coaching to you on the phone will work. You will need on-site content management services to get you recovered.

We alone decide where you are on our clutter scale and how we can best proceed to help get your space and life in order. When it comes to contents management we have 30 years of experience and know that our systems work, yours do not.

Since 1980 we have created specific policies and procedures that work for people just like you, so if you want to get started immediately using these proven systems that work, here is what you do in the specific order:

To engage our services

We must know as much as we can about you, your belongings and those around you. To gain time and save you money you can do the following to get on the fast track to recovery by providing us with the information we need to create The Plan for your recovery.

First things first.

- Digital Photos

We must have photos. Find, borrow or buy a digital, 35 MM or disposable camera with a flash.

Take enough photographs of your home and its contents that we can see exactly what I would if we were to come there. Start from the outside in the street and take two long shots from both sides so that we can understand the lay of the land, the driveway, the street and the neighborhood. If you have an alley or back entrance, shoot that too. It is impossible to take too many photos. The more the better.

- Move indoors and if you live in an apartment with a service elevator take a photo of the service entrance.

Begin at your front door and take LONG shots. Get as wide of a shot as you can. The best way to do this is to stand in a corner of a room and shoot to the other corner. If possible take 4 pictures of every room, one from each corner. In the kitchen open the refrigerator door and take a shot, open the kitchen cabinet doors before you do the kitchen.

Do this every room of the house. Open the closet doors and shoot the closets in each room. Take photos of the garage and any storage spaces.

Stand back as far as you can. Wide angles are best. If you have any collections of things take close group shots of these things and tell me about your collections.

Also, it is really helpful if you take a photo of yourself, all of your animals, and anyone who lives with you so that we can see who we are working with. After all you know what I look like so I want to know you. www.ronalford.com . If there is more than one person living in this space I need to know about them, as well and their part of the clutter situation.

If you have one of those awful off-site self storage units I also need to know about that. If you have animals, make sure that you shoot any particular situation with them that has to do with the problem. If you have several animals I need to know that as well.

When you have at least 24 shots or more, have the film developed at the local Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreen’s, etc., and tell the developer to put them on a CD if they don't, diskettes are okay.

Send the CD to: Ron Alford- 146-23 61 Road, Queensboro Hill NY 11367-1203.

Make sure that you have provided all of your personal information and put this information inside the package along with a check or a credit card number and the expiration date. The fee is $150.00.

Your fee pays for our time to review your situation, to consult with you about what we see in your photos and to provide you with initial steps and coaching services.

Depending on your ability to listen and take suggestions, and the complexity of your situation, we may be able to coach you. We can't tell until we see your pictures. Again, we do what works.

If you don't agree with what we suggest you to do initially, please don't ask for or expect a refund because you are not willing to work with us. Our systems work consistently for everyone who wants to be helped and can follow our directions.

If coaching is out of the question, we will then present a plan where we will provide a cost and time frame for on-site clutter management service.

If anything here is not perfectly clear, by all means call or email with your questions or comments.

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