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Why have I never heard of your company?

Good question. You probably have never had the need for such a unique service as Clutter Masters™. Fortunately we have enjoyed a fine reputation in business since 1980, performing Contents and Crisis Management services for individuals, families, attorneys, Estate Executors and people just like you.

Why have I never heard of your company?

We provide end to end crisis contents management services for people's homes, apartments and businesses. Our specialty is dealing with abnormal amounts of contents, and people who need our unique services. Specifically, those that are extremely disorganized or cluttered beyond normal.

Are Clutter Masters™ the organizing and cleaning business?

No, almost anybody can be an organizer or in the "cleaning" business. We are in the contents management business of which traditional "cleaning" is just one of the end results of our services but never the first step. Clutter cannot be cleaned. Clutter must first be managed. Clutter Masters™ primary function is managing the restoration process for homes and apartments that have been grossly neglected, cluttered, or have in some other way become uninhabitable do to a flood, fire or wind storm. Our services are far more comprehensive than cleaning and or professional organizing services.

Can you forestall evictions?

Absolutely. We enjoy a 100% recovery record for clients who have been given a "Ten Day Notice to Cure" summons from the court system. As a matter of fact, the larger law firms in the City of New York recommend our service in their eviction notice letters. Moreover, some of the housing court judges recommend our services to court appointed attorneys for people who are undergoing guardianship proceedings.

How much do you charge?

To provide an intelligent answer to this question, each project must be appraised by a project manager. If we were to provide a quotation or a fee for services without seeing the project and knowing what is necessary, we would be like a blind man judging a beauty contest. It just is not realistic for you or us. To eliminate false expectations, every project must be seen before we can provide any of our services. Once we have seen the project, we have the capability to provide a FIXED fee for services and then provide a written document which includes exactly what will be done, how it will be done, how long it will take and exactly how much it will cost. GUARANTEED

I thought that you charged by the hour?

We don't. Paying for unknown or undefined services by the hour without a specific written commitment of results is a perfect recipe for your disappointment. Most people want to know exactly how much a project will cost in time and dollars so they can make an intelligent decision. We believe that amateurs charge by the hour because they don't have the years of experience or the wisdom in essential matters to provide a guaranteed fee for a specific project and detail in writing the timeframe and the outcome. We do! We believe that a true professional is able to review a clients situation, determine exactly what the client wants or needs, create a written Plan of action with exact costs and time for completion. No guess work or open ended issues. We know exactly how to do that. Clutter Masters™ professional services require a wide combination of human resource skill sets similar to those found in hospitals. These projects can employ up to 13 different human resources to undertake and complete. Skilled, reliable and competent management is the key for success in these kinds of projects.

Will you help us liquidate Grandma’s stuff?

After our appraisal, we can discuss with you whether or not the "stuff" has real value. If so, we are perfectly positioned to liquidate the valuable items for you. To avoid conflicts of interests, we function as your facilitators or Agent. We don't buy or work for buyers so we can get you the highest possible amounts. We assist or locate the types of dealers or auctions who may be interested in your pieces.

Will you deliver some things to me in Texas?

Clutter Masters™ can provide any know service that has to do with the contents of a dwelling. We can arrange for a local moving or shipping company to pack and send anything, anywhere to anyone in the world.

What do you do with all the clutter?

That information is only known to Clutter Masters™ after we have had the opportunity to appraise the situation. After we have the opportunity to see the situation, we then fix a firm fee for our services and create a written plan of action that details the outcome including the disposition of the contents. Our expertise is making cost effective, value judgments for you or the Client.

What about valuables?

Our reputation is impeccable. Very often in cluttered residences, valuables are juxtaposed with the junk. Our first order of business is a "search and salvage" operation. It is our process to carefully filter through and identify valuables such as documents, photographs, ephemera and safeguard these items. We often uncover jewelry, money, checks, bonds, stock certificates, collectibles, etc. These items are placed in containers and presented to the person who authorized the project.

When can you provide an on-site evaluation?

Usually within 24 hours if it is necessary. Evening and weekend appointments are possible. We will work with your schedule. But Wait! Aunt Millie does not want anything done in her house! That's Right!!! She thinks that she is perfectly OK and we are out of order. Most of our clients don’t want anything done – yet some situation has forced their hand. We will make every attempt to work with Aunt Millie and to assure her that we are there to help. Her self-respect and dignity are important, and she can still be allowed to feel like she has some control over what’s happening. Yet, the project must be done with expedience as well as compassion.

Ok I think that I need the Clutter Masters™ what next?

Call 1 800 THE-PLAN now, and schedule an appraisal.
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