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Melissa, founder of America's Most Organized, has a passion for business, psychology, and the
science of productivity. She has been a Professional Organizing Consultant for the past 16 years
and during that time she has accumulated a vast amount of experience by working with people
from all walks of life. From the stay-at-home mom to the corporate executive, she offers effective solutions for various levels and types of organizational needs. She has degrees in Management
Science as well as Human Resources. She is originally from San Antonio, TX, and currently lives in
New York and Phoenix.

Currently Melissa has teamed up with founder of Disaster Masters, Inc., Ron Alford, and has been collaborating on a book titled “Uncovering Disposophobia”. This book is scheduled to be released by the end of 2006. They have worked side by side for the last two years and with their 45 years of combined experience recovered the most complex cluttered homes in America. Melissa describes their services as Clutter Scene Investigators. “We learn more about the individuals than they know about themselves, and take great pride in uncovering forgotten treasures so that the family can preserve their histories.” When we’re done, people have new lives. We work on the clutter in their heads and at the same time remove all of the clutter in their homes. It’s a fascinating process.

Many years ago Melissa developed a hands-on intensive training course for people who wanted to learn how become a Professional Organizing Consultant. Since that time many companies have followed her, duplicated her course outline and utilized the high standards that she introduced to the industry in order for their clients to be best served.

Melissa continues to share her experience as a Professional Organizing Consultant , Project Manager, and Business owner for corporations, small companies and individuals through workshops and seminars.

Numbered among the most highly respected communicators in the field, Melissa is comfortable implementing solutions to complex problems, with all levels of the organizational flow chart. She is the sort of leader who easily connects with people of different cultures and different ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds, as well as those with physical and/or emotional handicaps. She is known for her ability to “defuse” tense situations, with a strong sense of personal ethics and a sense of humor that has served as a valuable tool for her clients. Diplomacy, confidentiality and a quick, intuitive mind are her hallmarks and most valued assets.

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